We’re starting to see the Porsche Top 5 series growing on us, and in the latest episode of what has become a full-blown series we can see the Exclusive division’s best creations.

The Porsche Exclusive unit has a habit of making the products tailor to the client’s wishes, so any vehicle among the favorites really needs to be special among specials. Porsche’s warehouse holds a huge treasure chest of special models, and the company’s latest archive digging episode comes up with five of the best special edition models to ever come out of Porsche Exclusive’s “hands”. First up is the 2012 911 Club Coupe, which is also a very rare creation – only 13 were fabricated as celebration cars for the 60th anniversary of clubs of the brand. The 2011 911 Speedster is not as rare but way more striking – Porsche Exclusive was commissioned to build 356 of them for the custom division’s 25th anniversary.

The 2009 911 Sport Classic is a celebration of the brand’s classic models – limited edition of 250 cars gained a ducktail spoiler and black Fuchs-inspired wheels. The 1992 911 Turbo S in the second place was representative for both Porsche Exclusive and Porsche Motorsport – giving way to a limited run of 86 vehicles that were 397 pounds (180 kilograms) lighter and with the power bumped to 381 horsepower for the 964 generation Turbo. The no.1 car hasn’t actually been introduced, as the team believes the next project is always the best…


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