[Video] Porsche sets up meeting across the ages image

And this time around we’re not dealing with a 356 or early 911 meeting the latest and greatest from the sports car manufacturer, because the actor here is the flagship 911 GT2 RS in its new generation.

But Porsche decided to throw an arch across time nevertheless, with old school meeting they modern style – and Porsche actually making a mambo-jumbo of different driving competitions, rallying, track races, and Formula 1. Naturally each has its panache so even we can’t give a definitive answer to which is better. This is also why it makes it impossible to tell if… Walter Röhrl or Mark Webber is the better driver here. More importantly, let’s bask in the charisma and skills of both – and remember these are some of the best drivers out there, period.

Porsche decided to offer both the chance to test the new 911 GT2 RS and prove their worth on the track. Naturally, Webber has an advantage – he was actually part of development and testing phases. He even teased us to him reaching 208.7 miles per hour (336 kilometers per hour) on the Nurburgring. Seeing Röhrl in the video also lets us know the guys that used to drive models such as the iconic Audi Sport Quattro S1 were magnificent back in the days – and still are today. Enjoy…