[Video] Porsche showcases new 911 R with Works Driver Patrick Long at the helm image

If you took a glance at our report from the ongoing you might have been immediately mesmerized by the 911 R – or in turn easily turned off by considering it as yet another version of the ubiquitous German sports car.

But the truth is the 911 R was a model that didn’t even need a sales pitch – apparently all 991 units were already spoken off by the time we were still writing about its rumored introduction at the Swiss show. And since all units have been sold out, there’s little reason to advertise the model anymore – except that good marketing knows that a model that sold itself may even bring more clients to the brand and increase the sales of other versions. In an interesting turn of events, while we’re writing the news about the promo footage the more important fact is that Porsche has decided to use the 2017 911 R for racing purposes. And that may have been expected – but here’s the bomb – it will be used in rallying.

On the other side, the German automaker has decided to release on a weekly basis new driving lessons. “Join two Porsche enthusiasts on the road to perfect vehicle control – a driving training with Porsche works driver Patrick Long. Their goal: complete a stage of the Tour de France Automobile of 1969. A homage to the legendary 911 R, which achieved an outstanding triumph in this popular rally event,” the company explains. First off, you get the basics: correct seating position, proper steering and vision control – all happening in the lightest model in the 911 range, and also the second most expensive.