Just like any other brand, before Porsche puts a new model in the showroom it will try to asses every single possibility of failure by prototype testing in various conditions.

Unlike other brands, living up to its reputation as a reliable German sports car, Porsche needs hours of track, wind tunnel and even crash testing. And Porsche’s latest top 5 countdown video has decided to discard the presentation of certain models from its hangar and instead focus on the initial punishment every model endures before it’s called fit for duty. But you already know – from the myriad of spy shots on the Internet – that a car can actually spend years under camouflage on various roads and conditions before being allowed to reach the showroom. Porsche on its part has been using its test center in Weissach, Germany, since 1966. This clip calls upon vintage footage as well as the modern looks of today’s facility.

[Video] Porsche’s top 5 now talks about… tests 4

The test track – but they also have a skid pad and wind tunnel – is naturally the center piece of the testing center. The company uses it not only to hoon the cars reaching production series but also the ones specifically designed to catch the checkered flag. And because it needs to deliver varying setups, Porsche’s engineers can actually summon obstacles like potholes, a salt water bath, and even a jump. A separate lane of the circuit doesn’t have any challenges, so test drivers can focus on sheer performance alone. And while the Cayenne and Macan are certainly not your usual off-roaders, Porsche makes sure they are fit for the task – and they use the off-road trail to prove their worth.


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