[Video] Porsche’s ultimate machine, the 911 R tries to outrun a satellite image

Porsche has returned a little to its classical roots with the 911 R, which is its answer to those fans criticizing the GT3 and GT3 RS PDK-only treatment, and now the automaker wants all the publicity stemming from such a “good deed”.

The Zuffenhausen automaker has the 911 R as a true star as the model is being tipped across all media – as they try to grab more attention – even though apparently they don’t need it as the 911 R’s entire production run has been spoken for already. But we do appreciate the Porsche ads so we’re willing to let this one a hall pass. We have here the driving-happy Porsche ready to race… a surveillance satellite. We all know this one is going to be special effects heavy… though we’re not actually surprised by the odd choice for a competitor. You should remember these are the same guys that decided to salute all time travelers that may be out there. That clip was actually a nod to the future of the company, in which the Mission E concept is going to span a production version that should battle Tesla’s Model S luxury electric sedan.

But in this instance there is nothing about technology (other than the setting, I reckon) and the ad focuses on the driving. We have it all, heel and toe workouts, sideways take-offs like an American muscle car – and remember this 911 R (the letter standing for rebel, we presume) is going to have options such as a single-mass flywheel, racing-style clutch, and a mechanical locking differential on the rear wheels instead of the electronically-controlled one included in the Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus.