[Video] Prepare for Cars 3 with smartphone-controlled R/C Lightning McQueen image

With the latest installment in the Fast and Furious franchise now behind and forgotten, we’re actually more excited about the upcoming introduction of the Cars 3 animated from Pixar.

Since we know here no one is trying to kid us about the stunts being real and not CGI, the June 16 arrival is talking to the kid in everyone, and that’s really not a bad thing. There are numerous teasers and trailers and we see Cars returning to its initial racing roots after the odd second installment. Because associated merchandise is sometimes a gem hiding in plain sight, we have here remote-control car builder Sphero who went through the trouble of coming up with an almost real Lightning McQueen that can even be operated through the user’s smartphone.

[Video] Prepare for Cars 3 with smartphone-controlled RC Lightning McQueen 3

Described as the “Ultimate Lightning McQueen,” this R/C car really has the character captured with the red and yellow Rust-eze livery, animatronic eyes and mouth, as well as a suspension system that can deliver forward, back, and side to side motions to mimic what happens on the silver screen. All of McQueen’s movements and facial expressions can be directed via a companion iOS / Android app, which even allows the user to play mobile games and have virtual pit stops. There’s even more, because the toy will react to touches – on the roof, hood, doors, or rear window and also talks to you via its background of 300 phrases, and comes complete with auto headlights. Sphero’s Ultimate Lightning McQueen will also be for an adult in terms of pricing – $300 when it becomes available this summer.