[Video] Proterra Catalyst E2 electric bus goes for record 1,101miles single charge journey image

Does anyone think electric buses aren’t a thing in 2017 – here’s then the Proterra Catalyst E2, a 40-foot long electric bus going for a drive, and along the way setting a new world record for the longest distance travelled on a single charge – of 1,101.2 miles (≈1,772 km).

Since we’re dealing with a huge bus, there’s room to spare for a humongous battery pack – the E2 has the latest evolution, now at 660 kWh, coming all the way from Korea from LG Chem. Take into account – this is the overall production electric vehicle record, as pointed out by Matt Horton, Proterra’s chief commercial officer: “For our heavy-duty electric bus to break the previous world record of 1,013.76 miles — which was set by a light-duty passenger EV 46 times lighter than the Catalyst E2 max — is a major feat.” Delivering even half of this range in real world, urban conditions is more than adequate for an electric bus to perform optimally, we might add.

Of course, Proterra has been continuously besting its own internal records – they achieved 258 miles with 257kWh of energy storage on a single charge and this past September went for 603 miles with 440kWh of energy storage. More so, Proterra has announced – in collaboration with their supplier LG Chem – a new battery cell specifically developed and optimized for the unique performance and safety requirements of the heavy-duty vehicle market. Rated at 160 Wh/kg and 260Wh/L it represents the highest energy density in the segment. Proterra’s battery facility is also prepared now to deliver 500 MWh of battery packs per year – that would be enough for 750 buses in the maximum 660 kWh configuration.