[Video] Prototypes caught on the Nurburgring span every segment and make image

Once in a while, the famed Nurburgring Nordschleife track is closed to the wide audience (the so-called tourist days) and it’s not swelling with motorsport racers, but all the automakers’ latest prototypes.

What we have here is a vide of exactly such a day – which happens because of two simple reasons. For starters, it’s cheaper to rent the track when carmakers bundle together and that way they make sure their millions worth of prototypes are safely in the hands of experienced drivers. More unusual is though the fact that you can probably see everything together in one place and in one take. There are so many vehicles there we had trouble even trying to identify them – we think we spotted an E Class wagon, but is there a facelift on tow for the Mercedes C63 AMG sedan?

And you can see it all – from the Mini Countryman prototype testing as the second generation of the model draws near. And as far as we can tell, the Countryman and the Clubman one were in John Cooper Works livery – though they weren’t going all that fast. The footage was captured a while back – June 15 – which is why we’re seeing the Porsche Panamera and Mercedes-AMG GT R still wearing camouflage. Seeing all those prototypes bundled together makes us go wild and entice us to spending a week in camping next to the Nurburgring for an up close and personal experience with them.

Via Nordschleife-Video