[Video] Quarter mile world record now at 7.44s for the Nissan GT-R image

The Japanese supercar is something of an oddball among the crop of such models coming from Europe , Asia or America and this means it has built something of a cult status among fans and detractors alike.

And with the latest generation being refreshed and upgraded constantly, no wonder over the past few years the US-style Nissan GT-R quarter mile world record has been dropped more times than an ugly girl on a blind date – and already we have the first report for 2016 about the new time and top speed for the run. First off, let’s throw the exact numbers into the question: the GT-R did the quarter mile in 7.44 seconds and pulled a top speed of 200 mph (322.5 km/h), which means it’s the fresh record holder in both cases. The vehicles is being run by a team named EKanoo Racing – which are a fairly known entity in the world of motorsport, as they have a loaded trophy cabinet. And the model has been manufactured by T1 Race Development, which has treated the aftermarket world to a car that looks ready to deliver 2,276 hp at the wheels.

By the way, the previous record holder for the GT-R R35 category is AMS’ Alpha Omega, which had a 7.485 second run at 192.97 mph back in July. By the way, they could be looking to reclaim their title back as their own version of the GT-R actually pulled a better time doing the 60-foot sprint (1,283 seconds) as opposed to the EKanoo Racing delivering it in 1,358 seconds.