[Video] Quick Mick continues his driving lessons with the parking segment image

Mercedes-Benz brand ambassador Mick Schumacher is quickly (yes, a nod to his nickname) back in the third episode of the five-part web series about the journey youngsters need to undertake to secure the driver’s license.

Michael Schumacher’s son is now 18 and legally allowed to drive – but the still needs to undergo the classic driving lesson procedure – though Mercedes’ idea is way better than what we had in our own days: driving an AMG A45 with 375 horsepower on tap. His driving instructor, German comedian Markus Stoll, “Harry G,” now teaches him how to maneuver the hot hatch in a tight spot, but he’s actually not that great at it and fails… By the way, in the parking lot we see mostly Mercedes cars, but there somehow are some BMWs, Smarts, and a third-generation Volkswagen Golf.

As they switch seats, Michael Schumacher’s son delivers proper race car driver Formula 3 skills and parks way faster than his “instructor” – starting his motorsport career in karting back in 2008 might have contributed a thing or two. By the way, the remaining two episodes of “Fahrschule (driving school) Furious” will soon be out – and in one of them we’ll get to see a cameo from soccer player Mesut Özil.