Even though “Quick Mick” is the famous son of the iconic Schumacher and a talented Formula 3 driver, because he just turned 18 he still needs to get his proper driver’s license… through the proper channels.

This has been caught on the fly by Mercedes-Benz, who decided to seemingly help him take the proper lessons needed to grant him the license, while setting up a new and funny web series dubbed “Fahrschule Furious,” with “Fahrschule” meaning “driving school” in German. It also gives him a befitting school car – Mercedes-AMG A45 packing a meaty 375 hp (280 kW). His instructor is German comedian Markus Stoll aka “Harry G” and in these two first episodes he is teaching some of the basics – and gets scared when Mick applies them.

First off, they set out to discover how to check the oil level, where to find the warning triangle, and how to use the turn signals. During the “lesson,” Mercedes-Benz brand ambassador Mick also gets word from Nico Rosberg, the recently retired Formula 1 champion. And he also steps on the gas pedal a bit too much. In the second episode they get on their merry way… until they encounter a roundabout – where the student has better reflexes than legendary goalkeeper Oliver Kahn. Oh, and they also encounter a street sweeper, with the “lucky mushroom” describing it as a Safety Car. It turns out he was right – the utility vehicle was manned by Bernd Mayländer, the official F1 safety car driver.