[VIDEO] Race driver is driving mom on the circuit image

A video presenting a pro-racing driver and his mom in a Chevrolet Corvette 06 on a circuit in the US is gaining view after view on the internet.

The Laguna Seca Raceway, in California, a Corvette Z06, a racing driver behind the steering wheel and his mom on the right seat, enough words to make any petrol head watch the video.

A camera placed on the dashboard show us the poor woman’s reactions while her racing driver son is playing with the car on the circuit.

The professional driver took his mom on the most full of adrenaline ride of her life, in what appears to be a quite respectable lap, judging by the poor woman’s reactions.

Laugh all you want but think of this, how would your mum react if she would have been on the passenger seat with any professional driver behind the steering wheel?

Watch the VIDEO below.