[Video] Race turns into 1,800-hp Camaro barrel roll close to 200 mph image

With safety equipment in cars being a pre-requisite to actually starting the tuning work on the vehicle, here’s what happens when the former exists and keeps both driver and passenger safe even after a 200-mph crash and roll.

Unlike the both driver and passenger in this story survived to tell the tale of how the escaped a biturbo LSX Chevy Camaro that was close to 200 mph (320 km/h) when it crashed. The accident occurred due to mechanical failure – the Shift S3ctor Half Mile event saw the front wheel of the 1,800-hp monster get locked, sending it into a spin and then a barrel roll.

There’s also footage of the aftermath depicting the pile of crushed Chevy metal, but thankfully from the wreck the people emerged safe and sound. The passenger was actually taken to hospital because he was unconscious but reports state he is very well now. As for the man behind the wheel, his first concern was the car – even having the power to walk around it and inspect the incredible damage. With the Chevrolet not really returning to life after this one we can see how safety equipment can easily mean the difference between life and death, but also the incredible progress – going out of the mess on your own two feet is nothing short of astounding.

Via SpeedSociety.com