[Video] Ranger Rover’s Sport SVR is all-mighty in all-terrain as well image

We’re used to discussing the quarter mile drag times of supercar bombs – but the Range Rover Sport SVR is in a league of its own, that of performance sport utility vehicles.

While the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S might be the reigning Nurburgring lap time champion – at least until the Alfa Romeo Stelvio tries to dethrone it – we’re pretty sure the absolute champion on low friction surfaces will be the Range Rover Sport SVR. This is of course Land Rover’s quickest production vehicle, so it’s rather unsurprising it can handle all sorts of terrains with very impressive acceleration times. As it turns, “merging legendary all-terrain capability with 550-horsepower V8 power and advanced traction technology,” the SVR can sprint to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in just 5.5 seconds on sand and grass. Gravel will make it even faster – at 5.3 seconds – closer to the 4.7 seconds dry asphalt run. And the surfaces were treaded with standard Michelin 275/45 R21 All Season tires.

[Video] Ranger Rover’s Sport SVR is all-mighty in all-terrain as well 3

There’s even a snow test – conducted at Jaguar Land Rover’s winter test facility in Arjeplog, Northern Sweden, where on a combination of snow and ice it managed to still sprint to 62 mph in 11.3 seconds. This reminds us of that time when the SVR was tested back in 2015 on an ice-carved replica of the Silverstone track near the Arctic Circle. This time around, driven by Darren Jones, Stability Applications Leader at Jaguar Land Rover, “the Range Rover Sport SVR is famed for its on-road performance but this hasn’t been achieved at the expense of customary Land Rover capability. Our Terrain Response 2 technology takes the stress out of driving in all conditions.”