[VIDEO] Real life Mario Kart in Japan image

For no obvious reason two Japanese men decided to put a smile on people’s faces and after they dressed up like the world’s most famous plumbers, Mario and Luigi, they got behind the wheel of two 4 horsepower X-Karts and cruised the streets of Tokyo, making everyone’s day.

There is no doubt that the Nintendo 64 Mario Kart game is one of the most iconic out there and most of us are still loving it, but what would your reaction be if these two guys would have passed with that unique kart sound besides your car?

It seems that the two guys dressed as Mario and Luigi are actually working at a local car site named Cliccar and if you are living over-seas and didn’t got to drink your coffee, wait a little longer, you may want a mushroom too besides cream and sugar.

For all of you out there who still love this game, you can see the video below. Enjoy!