[Video] Real-life thieves pull a “Gone in 60 Seconds” in Florida image

The truth is that cars are being stolen on a daily basis all around the world – and statistics prove it. There are even models that are more likely to be jacked than others.

But pulling in real-life stunts worthy of Hollywood heist-action flicks is something you don’t see very often. The grand theft auto sequence that happened here occurred in a dealership and was captured on camera for eternity. The footage has been published by the Tampa Police Department on its YouTube account, and even shows how many suspects they need to be looking for. We’re talking about an ongoing investigation so the police did not give details, such as if they have any leads or if they were able to lift any fingerprints from the scene. We can also speculate that they now know how the group operates and they may link them to other similar criminal activities. Reports say the group consists of ten criminals – and Tampa PD has actually already got a hold of two of the stolen cars – with one of them involved in a single-car accident on Interstate 4.

The Florida performance saw the bold thieves – which wore hoodies and maybe even concealed their faces – had two of them break into the dealership, taking the keys and making off with eight cars. The rest of the gang was in the parking lot and they went on with the cars as soon as they got the keys. By the way – the group entered the premises in a Honda Odyssey minivan, which they used as a ram to make sure the gate was open on the way out. The needed 35 minutes for completion and some of them were not exactly the most stellar getaway drivers as some cars were also hit in the parking lot.