[Video] Red Bull drivers race caravans in their spare time… apparently image

People often wonder what their favorite stars do in their spare time – well in case of Red Bull Racing’s Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen it turns out they are using their few easy moments for something like this.

Both Formula One drivers have been sent home to do some homework at the Red Bull Ring prior to the Austrian Grand Prix in July, but the drivers seem to have relaxed with other things aside from working to improve the times of their race rockets. It turns out high-paid Red Bull Formula One drivers blow off steam by racing camper-towing Aston Martin supercars… In case you haven’t smiled at the idea we can tell you’re a lost case. Anyways, Ricciardo decided on an Aston Martin Vanquish Volante with 568 horsepower (424 kilowatts), and Verstappen has a more powerful Vanquish S Volante with 595 hp (444 kW).

[Video] Red Bull drivers race caravans in their spare time… apparently 17

We can tell the playing field was evened by the camper attached to the trailer hook – something you’re bound to never find on an Aston’s options list. Both campers were customized to match the liveries of each driver and each weigh around 882 pounds (400 kilograms). Red Bull even went through the trouble of fitting them with Pirelli slick tires… like that helps much. It’s obvious both drivers try to stay focused through this Looney Tunes madness, and hilariously fail – and of course neither trailer is usable on the side of the track afterwards for some R&R (rest and relaxation dudes!).