[Video] Red Bull Holden Commodore V8 supercar is now a drift beast image

Red Bull Racing Australia has decided to go against the racer’s credo of sticking like glue to the asphalt for quick cornering and turned a Holden Commodore from the V8 Supercars series into a drift monster.

When they weren’t busy manhandling the car on the track to win races, they were tinkering with it after hours on new parts that would vastly increase the steering angle. Larger flares have been bolted to allow even more humongous tires and the double wing at the back is of course a designer’s signature. The interior also had to be reworked, though we’re not talking about mahogany or fine leather, but the need to fit a handbrake and gearshift lever next to the steering wheel.


Shane van Gisbergen and the team went to Sydney Motorsports Park for some night drifting – but we can still clearly see the plumes of smoke coming off the tires. If you want to see the pilot and monster drifting around the track, check out the other clip that leaves out the car’s development story. And while we enjoyed the fireworks show – it’s actually the front end hitting the tarmac through even the slightest elevation change – we’re hoping the next time they will be drifting it during the day – so we can see all the action.