[Video] Red Bull thinks Indy Car and performance aircraft have a lot in common image

The most particular thing they have in common is the wide variety of merry men and women that like the adrenaline rush of piloting these mechanical wonders – so why not bring them together?

Their latest stunt involved not one but two great machines, and the purpose was to see which of them has the best giggles, apparently. So, on one side we have Indycar pilot Alexander Rossi, and on the other, Edge 540 pilot Kirby Chambliss. So, we have a guy whose job is to go at maximum speed while just an inch over the ground and surrounded by other guys looking to take his place at the front of the pack. The other will do mind-boggling tricks and stunts in his airplane – which has been designed to deliver G forces that would put to sleep any sound human. And they also swapped places – taking a ride with each other in each of the machines.


“I think Kirby will react a lot better to getting in the car with me than I will getting in the plane with him,” commented Alex, well aware of the eventual outcome. Seriously guys – driving a car very fast is a scary experience – but it’s nothing compared to the thrills you get from spiraling towards the Earth upside down at 400 km/h. Yes, take it from us, try at least once in your life airplane stunts if you can and have the stomach for it. Sorry, this one goes to the air team.