World’s fastest production car, Bugatti Veyron, keeps rich people’s mind busy and the investment in the model has numerous possibilities.

After a fully silver chrome McLaren Mercedes SLR was surprised on the streets of London not long before, another chrome supercar was made, using the red colour this time.

The Russian tuner Dartz has presented its red chrome-covered Bugatti Veyron somewhere in the south of France.

The matte black cars fashion is almost gone, as proven by tuners and rich sheiks all over the world, with the almost common chrome vehicles, appearing almost everyday.

If the Bugatty Veyron presented in this video is just a kitch, an interesting car or super idea, remains to your decision, but a question was just born: Would you chrome your car if you would afford it?

Meanwhile sit back and watch this video below of the Bugatti Veyron red chromed car filmed in the south of France.



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