[Video] Relive the day when the Ferrari F40, F50 and Lambo Diablo ruled image

It’s a rare sight to behold indeed – two Italian V12s and a biturbo V8 making supercar music – and the opportunity to see them is always welcomed, especially since this video bundles them together.

There’s a catch – this retro video from Best Motoring is in Japanese, and there are no subtitles – we do not need translation for the engine sound though. The main plateau in the video is made up by the 400-meter (1,312-feet) sprint, which is the European (and Japanese, apparently) equivalent of the American quarter mile. Any of these Italian supercars is a sight to behold, even today. The Ferrari F50 gets the top prize by sprinting in 11.109 seconds at 127 miles per hour (204.9 kilometers per hour). While it’s certainly the oldest in this triumvirate, the F40 still takes second place with the run of 1.293 seconds at 127 mph (203.6 kph). The Lamborghini Diablo SV is not so shabby either with a track time of 12.139 seconds at 117 mph (187.5 kph).

After the acceleration part is over the supercars go for a slalom on a flat portion of track and then on a banked section – though a top speed run is not part of the finale. By the way, the test parts are in the middle of the clip, because the initial part of the clip features some cinematography of the supercars driving around a city, with the slow scenes well worth the watch if you have the time (and even if you don’t).