[Video] Remember the Humvee… here’s the replacement, called JLTV image

Believe it or not, a motoring journalist has had the honor – being among the first civilians to have this occasion – to drive the United States military’s new Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV).

The model is coming out as the replacement of the aging Humvee – and immediately we’re treated to its off-road capabilities. The initial contact is done on the Oshkosh Defense’s test course inside the oldish Humvee, a great way to have a comparison process. Then the journalist is taken with the firm’s heavy-duty M-ATV that hauls larger loads, before eventually reaching the wheel of the JLTV. Unfortunately, the interior hasn’t been released yet, so no peeks inside just yet.

[Video] Remember the Humvee… here’s the replacement, called JLTV 1

The JLTV strikes us as a model that won’t ignite passions among civilians like the Humvee did years ago – it’s far more hardcore being larger, with lots of armor and tiny windows. It aims to address the main issue with the Hummer – lack of armor that could handle the modern military engagements. Oshkosh Defense designed the JLTV from the start for modern combat. The hull fights off mines and improvised explosive devices, it’s equipped with the TAK-4i adjustable suspension for up to 20 inch of wheel travel. General Motors’ Duramax 6.6-liter turbodiesel V8 delivers 340 hp (254 kW), a detuned version used for increased reliability.