[VIDEO] Renault Megane GT gets new promo image

Renaultsport has released a new video with the Megane GT.

The new Renault Megane GT is showing us a connection between the road car and its racing relatives from the Trophy Endurance championships and it’s basically aimed towards fans of the company. Don’t expect any fast driving or tire squeaks because it’s not the case as the video is showing the racing pedigree of the new French hot hatch.

The Renault Megane GT has been officially presented to the public during the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, more than a month ago. The compact car is in its new generation and the Megane GT will remain the range-topping version of the vehicle until the true RS will be hitting the market. Chances are this will happen in a few years because Renault isn’t in a hurry to finish its development. The Renault Megane GT is facing some serious competitors in the segment which include the Ford Focus ST or the Volkswagen Golf GTI and it has an appealing exterior design and a completely changed cabin. Under its hood, the carmaker is using a TCe petrol burner producing a total of 205 HP and connected to the 7-speed EDC dual clutch transmission. The 4Control four-wheel steering has been added to the model as well, improving its cornering abilities.