[VIDEO] Renault Sherpa / Scout 2012 4×4 civilian version launched image

The French based automaker has recently presented, in a world premiere, the first road legal Sherpa model, a powerful 4×4 vehicle.

According to the car manufacturer, the 4×4 Sherpa model is already being used by the French Army and by the French Legion, and, as you can see from the images posted below, the model looks very much like the American Hummer H1, but it doesn’t actually have anything in common with it. Renault says that its first road legal Sherpa model is powered by a straight-four cylinder engine which is developing a total output of 215 horsepower available at 2.300 rpm, and even if this seems to be quite enough, the total weight of the vehicle, 3.8 tons, is telling us that it won’t be sporty.

Sadly this is all we know about the road legal Renault Sherpa model for now, but the French equivalent of the Hummer H1 in its military version can transport four passengers offering a payload of 2 to 3 tons, but the other version, the two-seater Sherpa 3 pickup can support a total payload of 4.1 tons. Both versions of the army destined vehicle are being powered, just like the road legal version, by the Euro 4/5 turbocharged four-cylinder diesel engine with its 215 horsepower, allowing the vehicle to achieve a top speed of 120 km/h (75 mph) on a flat road surface while its autonomy at a cruising speed of 70 km/h (45 mph) is 900 km (560 miles).