[Video] Renault signaling the advent of autonomous electrics with the Symbioz image

The French automaker has had a run of great concept cars lately – the stunning Trezor wowed the audience late last year during the Paris Motor Show and the hot hatch passionate fell in love with the crazy Zoe E-Sport electric prototype revealed earlier this year in Geneva.

Now the company is looking to catch the German competition by surprise with the announcement of the Symbioz concept for the Frankfurt Motor Show, The bar has been set very high, so we’re looking forward to seeing what this new “innovative concept” has in store for use. The company has only released a teaser so far, and by the looks of it we’re dealing with a three-door hatchback with a sporty, short rear overhang. As far as we can tell, there’s a very interesting door opening mechanism, a diamond logo on the door’s outline, illuminated badge on the hatch, large two-tone wheels, and sleek C-shaped taillights linking the prototype to the current production model’s front LED daytime running lights design.

The “Symbioz” name has been derived from “sumbiōsis” (Ancient Greek word for “living together”), and the concept depicts Renault’s vision for 2030 when probably all cars will feature a highly advanced autonomous driving system. Naturally this concept is too emissions free thanks to the fully electric powertrain, with the technology a little more contemporary and taken from today’s Z.E. models. The concept is most likely a small – compact or subcompact car designed to handle the “environmental and urban challenges that lie ahead.”