[VIDEO] Renault Zoe’s production highlighted image

The French based automaker Renault has released a new video with the Zoe, where the production process of the model is being highlighted.

After it was officially unveiled last year and with the first unit being delivered back in December 2012, the Renault Zoe is ending up in our news once again, this time with the help of a new official video. The footage posted below is showing the assembly line of the Renault Zoe and if you’re interested in the greenest car made by the company than you should definitely scroll down and click play.

The Renault Zoe is one of the biggest failures in the company’s history because no one wants to buy it. People prefer models like the Nissan Leaf or, if their budget allows it, the Tesla Model S. The Renault Zoe is being powered by a synchronous electric motor which is producing a total output of 88 HP (65 kW) and it has a peak torque of 220 Nm (162 lb-ft). The model can reach a top speed of 84 km/h and prices for it have been set at 14,444 GBP. The Renault Zoe is coming with features such as the R-Link multimedia tablet, automatic climate control, battery charger and more.


  • Mark

    How can you say it's the company's biggest failure when it is not on sale yet? This is likely to be the best selling electric car for 2013.