[Video] Renault’s “Drive the Future” strategy introduced for 2017-2022 image

While it may seem like the French automaker is looking towards a sustainable future, it’s actually looking at the standard sustainable growth, with investments across key regions and products, leveraging resources and technologies, as well as fulfilling Ghosn’s ambitions of increased cost competitiveness.

The targets are in plain view – surge from 52 billion euros in revenue last year to more than 70 billion, with a +7 percent group operating margin, as well as increase vehicle sales from 3,5 million in 2016 to more than five million. “Groupe Renault intends to generate growth and profit over the course of the plan, while addressing customers’ needs. Market by market, from congested megalopolis to rural areas, from affordable passenger cars to ride hailing, robo-taxi operations, Groupe Renault will Drive the Future,” reads the announcement.

Naturally, with the Alliance taking charge – literally – of providing electrified alternatives for its clients, we’re mostly interested in what their French component have for the future in the segment. Renault is looking to deliver a sustainable, electric, autonomous and connected range of vehicles – of them no less than 8 pure electric vehicles and another 12 electrified variants. They also intend to solidify their electric presence in the light commercial vehicle sector, aiming to provide the biggest EV LCV range in the world. Meanwhile, all new cars will become connected in key markets, with 15 models with autonomous drive features expected to arrive over the course of the plan.