While the 2016 season of the Formula One was rather boring – as some might say – there’s one exciting way of relieving it, with the help of an imaginary 8-bit video game.

This year wasn’t exactly the most spectacular for the queen of motorsports, since the Mercedes-AMG Petronas team snatched 19 wins out of a total of 21 races. This year’s season was actually a “family” affair between Nico Rosberg and teammate Lewis Hamilton, with the first taking the win and opting to go out of the competition with a bang. Meanwhile, of note was the rise to stardom of 19-year-old Max Verstappen – as well as the fact that Ferrari keeps having trouble competing at the same level with Mercedes. That’s perhaps mirroring what’s happening on the luxury market – where the German automaker is coming out first, followed at a huge distance by premium representatives of the FCA group (yes, we know Ferrari is independent, but come on).

In addition, the elegant days of V12-powered Formula 1 cars are way back in history – as the current vehicles rely on meager 1.6-liter V6 engines. They do come with a hybrid assist system that enables powers of 900 hp in the case of the Mercedes F1 W06 Hybrid – though the soundtrack can’t compete with the popular V12 iterations. The video here is taken from the official Formula 1 channel on YouTube where it’s certainly evocative of the 1980s era of video games in all of its 8-bit glory.


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