Rezvani Motors CEO, Ferris Rezvani, has decided fans of lightweight, powerful sports cars need a behind the scenes feature of how the company’s model – the Beast – is being manufactured. We say anybody needs to take a look.

One of the persons that decided to turn his passion for cars into an actual profession, Rezvani moved away from Iran with his parents to escape the issues plaguing his home country – his passion for cars ignited by models such as the Corvette and various Lamborghinis. His first entrepreneurial endeavor in the car field came to life as the Volara – the prototype and design was sold to an investor and the car evolved into the Vencer Sarthe.

The Beast came to be after working with designer Samir Sadikhov and the money to build it came from a celebrity. Today, Rezvani offers no less than four versions of the Beast – the latest being the Alpha, which is also the most affordable. It’s a droptop with a Cosworth-tuned 2.5-liter supercharged engine packing 400 hp. The regular Beast has 500 horsepower, and it’s followed by the Beast Alpha X with 600 hp. The flagship is the regular Beast X with 700 hp and capable of reaching 60 mph (96 kph) in a mere two and a half seconds.



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