You already know the Green Hell is accessible to regular folks for trying out their cars – even if we’re talking about a Fiat 500 and not the latest hypercar – with the provision that no one drifts…

Well, that certainly doesn’t apply to wheel action star legends such as Rhys Millen – especially since the Nurburgring was closed for the latest stunt he prepared in a yellow BMW M4 CS for the folks over at Pennzoil. You know them, they have a knack for yellow cars… Anyways, the story goes that mystery driver Rhys Millen receives a text message that simply says he needs to “make it out.” End of story, beginning of action – fast and furious style, as always – oh, yeah, there’s a hint about a missing car in spot 86 at the end, the yellow BMW M4 CS being in spot 98.

For a three-minute something video there’s certainly lots of travelling – the Green Hell, with its legendary sections such as the Karussell, the Grand Prix course, the streets around the track, the Autobahn, and also some countryside locations – and yes, there’s lots of going sideways… And as a bonus, at the end you have additional videos showing how everything came to life. Enjoy!


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