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The well-known smallest part of the Grand Tour presenter trio has had yet another serious crash – most recently during a hillclimb event taking place in Switzerland and while driving the green Rimac Concept One supercar.

The TV personality currently working for Amazon’s The Grand Tour series, Richard Hammond, had to be airlifted to a hospital in Switzerland – but apparently only for “minor” damage. The 47-year-old presenter was competing in the Hemburg Hill Climb event driving the Rimac Concept_One electric supercar – and also working, as he was filming a feature video for the series’ second season. As we can see from the footage coming from bystander the electric supercar had some sort of problem and couldn’t brake or brake enough to make a corner and then goes tumbling down the hill.

[Video] Richard Hammond apparently OK after Switzerland crash 0

The Grand Tour’s Facebook page had some words about the accident, explaining he was safely out of the car – exiting on his own – before the rare 1000-hp machine was engulfed by flames. He was then taken to hospital and we found out he didn’t sustain any serious damage. We all remember this is not Hammond’s first brush with fatality – the worst being the one from 2006 that involved a jet-powered car. The accident’s cause is still unknown for now, but the incident will be investigated thoroughly.