[Video] Rimac Concept One and Bugatti Veyron battle on the track image

Apparently Rimac founder Mate Rimac and Lord Pembroke have a friendly rivalry they like to share with the world, as they keep benchmarking the Concept One electric hypercar against the Bugatti Veyron.

The latter is a pinnacle of old-school engineering, bested today only by its successor – but the Chiron isn’t up for grabs just yet, so the modern competitor needed to settle for the “old dog.” Both men have battled before – with the old school hypercar and its completely different challenger in terms of powertrain fighting first in Croatia. Now the men decided to test their machines in a special context – the track. The Veyron comes with its famous 8.0-liter quadturbo W16 delivering 1,001 horsepower (736 kilowatts) in its entry-level specification.

[Video] Rimac Concept One and Bugatti Veyron battle on the track 0

Meanwhile the Rimac Concept One shows why the Veyron is more than a decade old with an electric motor for each wheel and a total output of 1,088 hp (811 kW) and 1,180 lb-ft (1,600 Nm). Like the Bugatti, the Rimac uses AWD – but it also has torque vectoring. The video shows both Rimac and Lord Pembroke hitting the track at the wheels of the Veyron and Concept One – and it’s entertaining, but at the end there’s no definitive answer as there are no lap times shown from a professional recording device.