The exotic electric vehicle manufacturer is of course gearing up for the presentation at the Geneva Motor Show in March – the natural form for such enterprises, something that’s become a great tradition of the Swiss event.

You won’t see more exotic outlets fighting for attention than Geneva, and we’re happy to report there are interesting things to see there. One would be the worldwide audience introduction of a new electric hypercar from Rimac, which has been teased in video form by the automaker. There are lots of details that we don’t know about when discussing the successor to the Concept One supercar, with the company only mysteriously whispering this is a “true game changer.” The teaser doesn’t actually reveal much, being mostly about dance music, dramatic lighting, and the caption, “Why play by the rules, when you can change the game.”

The shadowy figure is of the new model, which might bring a completely new design language. We can only assume it will be accompanied by enhanced performance – above what the Concept One has to show for. The latter has 1,224 horsepower (912 kilowatt), so it’s safe to say the coupe will give a run for the money to the incoming Tesla Roadster second generation when it comes out. We’ll have the full scoop on March 8, when the Geneva Motor Show kicks off officially.


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