[Video] Riversimple unveils Rasa hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle image

After being previewed earlier this week, the new Rasa hydrogen-powered vehicle has been introduced by Riversimple, a company that is co-founded by the European Union.

The Rasa has been labeled as a “road-legal engineering prototype,” and what we have here is a quirky little coupe that has form following function in a bid to deliver an extremely aerodynamic design. We’re going to bet it’s not everyone’s cupcake but the quirky design comes with a front splitter, rear wheel covers, and bespoke doors that open forward and upwards. The cabin has room for two persons and comes with a minimalist-basic design that includes a three-spoke steering wheel, gloss black accents, and a pretty barren instrument cluster. The chassis is a carbon composite and thus it tips the scales at just 1,279 pounds. Power is provided via an electric motor and a 8.5 kilowatt fuel cell that will grant the vehicle a maximum speed of 60 miles per hour – the range is expected to reach up to 300 miles.

More so, the brand says its Rasa vehicle will be able to eturn the equivalent of 250 miles per gallon and have CO2 emissions of approximately 64.37 grams per mile. Riversimple is also looking to start the public trials with 20 Rasa prototypes later this year and the information will be used to develop the production series model that should be out on the market in 2018. According to the company, they will offer the vehicle to customers through a unique “sale of service” agreement: “owners” lease the car while Riversimple takes care of every other cost, including repair, maintenance, insurance, and fuel.