[Video] Rogue Brazilian adepts of Benny Hill humor make our day image

If all the recent terrorist trouble has made you lose faith in humanity (probably for good reason, though) you shouldn’t despair – just pay attention to what happens in Brazil during this footage.

Brazil is the largest South American economy and car market – but also a country with huge issues regarding violence and even car theft. The latter is our concern this time around, though we should mention this following video is not office approved – you might burst into some serious and out loud laughter. So, consider yourself warned, but if you’re still curious we need to tell you this is one great example of Benny Hill humor – down to the popular “Yakety Sax” song made popular by the late comedian and the slightly faster than normal frame rate of the video.

What we have here is two wannabe GTA players attempting some carjacking – they even use the same style of pointing the gun at the driver in order to make him stop and give up his or her ride. But real life is a little more troublesome as the two wannabes found out. The two henchmen appeared to be on the run and in need of a faster means of locomotion. Blazing their guns on a highway exit they started to approach the arriving drivers – but all of us know that when luck runs out – well… just watch the video for some great laughs. We’ll even let it slide if afterwards you hit YouTube for some Benny Hill fun as well.