Here’s one possible answer to the question no one asked – how are Russian automotive fans surviving the harsh winter – sorry economic – conditions that have plagued Russia recently?

We shouldn’t have to tell you this but you’ll need to take with a serious grain of salt the story of the guy in the footage below. The tale goes as follows – the gear heads’ lives are seemingly unaffected, at least when talking about the main source of passion – eg. the automobile. So, their four wheel lives go on unaffected even though they’re not really millionaires or oligarchs. The uploader continues by telling us how the owner of the 997-generation Porsche 911 GT3 RS seen here manhandled has decided his track toy is the pride and joy of his life and in order to keep it was willing to sell his house and has been sleeping since in the garage.

Anyway, besides this fairytale which still has an open ending, what matters to us is the cheery and merry snow and ice drifting. We admit that since we’re dealing with a slipper surface the speeds are not actually mind boggling – but tell us, wouldn’t you make the switch with the driver for even half an hour of snow plowing in the GT3 RS? While unknowing people might wonder why this 911 doesn’t go out but first like a champion, we are compelled to remind them this is a race-tuned GT3 RS – which also has a marvelous flat-six soundtrack, which alone will also make up at least half of the fun factor in this kind of activity.

Via Boosted Boris


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