[VIDEO] Russian trucker driving in half-frozen Siberian River image

A Russian trucker has been caught by camera while driving in the woods through a half-frozen Siberian river in a classic truck which still seems capable of riding just about any terrain.

Winter driving is just what the guy in the video below likes best and judging by his skills he definitely doesn’t need driving lessons in the Arctic. Just by looking at the video below owners of exotic cars who keep smashing them in trees, other vehicles or even the Atlantic Ocean would become jealous of this Russian’s driving skills who can go through just about any terrain with his truck and even if the “machine” is filled with wood, there’s no problem for the guy.

Did you ever drive on an icy road between two cities and a big truck was always going faster than you? Well there is a big chance that the trucker would have been this guy and just by looking how he manages to go through the half-frozen Siberian river we can quickly understand that he is probably using his free time to play Russian roulette. But rather than comment on the video we’d better let you watch it. Feel free to become jealous on his driving skills. We’d been there. Enjoy!

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