[VIDEO] Russian Yo-Auto Concept coming to Frankfurt image

Russia wants a piece of the pie in the electric vehicle segment and the country’s first eco automaker, Yo-Auto, has announced the presence of an EV Concept at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show.

Yo-Auto’s EV Concept doesn’t come only with a futuristic design and its original idea for opening the doors will worth every penny if it hits the production line in this form, rivaling somehow with Ford’s Evos Concept and their unique door opening system.

Even if the EV Concept will probably not enter production in this form, its design lines are clearly showing us the company’s future intentions.

Yo-Auto will be Russia’s first car manufacturer to produce hybrid cars starting from next year. The automaker has big plans and wants to rival the Asian and European hybrids by releasing three new models next year.

You can find out more about the Russian automaker and its EV Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show this month.