This is the Car Bros’ Gympkhana – a very comedic take on the Gymkhana series that has made Ken Block a worldwide star. And yeah, that bonkers 650 hp Fiesta has now morphed into a beaten old Civic wagon.

This humble Civic wagon is not what you call motorsport material – but that didn’t matter to the crazy people from Car Bros as they decided to make their own Gymkhana video – and maybe teach Ken Block a lesson or two in the process. Since it’s a well done Gymkhana parody it has all the necessary and traditional ingredients – but they also added in their own contribution. And since they’re crazy, the extra stuff includes some Grand Theft Auto references, R/C cars, as well as a drone that has gone haywire and goes on a rampage attacking the driver.

This is certainly not the first satirical take on the Hoonigan actions, but it’s one of the best out there – though it was clearly made on a shoe-string budget. Still, the camera work is well done, the editing too and they were even “professional” enough to give the third-gen Civic at the front of the action a split personality – it can go from the roaring howl of a naturally-aspirated V8 engine to the blowing whistle of a supercharged machine. You should keep this one for repeat views, because just like the best parodies out there you’ll find hidden gems you didn’t spot during the first view.

Via Car Bros (YouTube)


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