[Video] Santa’s driving academy has Lamborghini Huracans… image

Really we’re talking here about the Lamborghini Winter Academy taking place in Livigno – actually spelled as the Lamborghini Winter Accademia, simply because Italians can.

But we would really like Santa to have a ticket for next year’s event prepped under the tree when we’re getting up on 25th of December. That’s because the video shows the drivers had some pretty serious… fun driving around in snow and drifting the mighty Lambos. And because the people at the wheel of Huracans and Aventadors that have been doing the rounds during the automaker’s low grip training program are simple customers, this could be even more entertaining than seeing inch-close battles between drift professionals.

Those looking to learn how to tame the Italian automaker’s raging bulls while under stressful conditions – such as roads covered in snow and ice – should pack their bags and head towards Livigno, a small town near the Swiss-Italian border. This is a piece of the world that is more famous for its skiing amenities, which means you can slide in more ways than you can imagine if you indulge in such activities. This season Lambo has decided to offer on the training course the Huracan Coupe, Roadster and its Superveloce version – which can beat around the bush (meaning the Nurburgring) in under seven minutes and just three seconds shy of the 918 Spyder hypercar. By the way, to earn some driving science you don’t necessarily have to own a Lamborghini, because the Sant’Agata Bolognese is willing to let you slide in its rides – given that you pay the hefty entry fee, of course.

Via NM2255 Car HD Videos