Video: Scary crash in Baltimore Grand Prix image

Scary crash during the warmup for the IZOD IndyCar Series race in Baltimore. Tony Kanaan lost his brakes going 180mph.

Tony Kanaan and Helio Castroneves ran into each other during Sunday’s morning practice run at the Baltimore Grand Prix, and it wasn’t merely a casual encounter between Brazilians.

Both drivers were hustling down the front straightaway on their second laps when Kanaan pushed the brake pedal to the floor without response. He saw trouble ahead.

The left side of Kanaan’s car drove over the top of Castroneves’ right-side tires, launching Kanaan.

The left corner of Kanaan’s car grazed the wall — and nearly a corner worker peeking out for a view — before tumbling into the tires.

While we can imagine that being airborne in a race car is a terrifying experience, being run over by one can’t be a walk in the park either.

“No brakes at 170 plus mph wasn’t much fun this morning. We will try to go to the backup car for the race. Neck and back are a bit sore,” Kanaan said after the crash this morning.