[Video] Seat Ateca Smart City Car concept can find available parking spaces image

One of the latest innovations that tends to make our lives easier might be the technology that finds empty parking spaces – and even shares the findings with others in need.

You might think this as a mere marketing stunt but do you remember how much you “fought” with others on the scarce parking spaces at the mall on a cold Saturday? There are a few automakers looking to make our life just a tad easier by simply taking the hassle of finding those pesky spaces onto themselves. Seat is among them, as the carmaker has partnered with Barcelona-based CARNET to make the Ateca SUV a bit smarter. The concept presented during the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona uses tracking sensors to find nearby empty parking spaces – and it can also send the info via the Parkfinder smartphone app. The project also involves the local authorities in Barcelona and Cellnex Telecom, so the Ateca Smart City Car is capable of working with Barcelona’s iCity platform.


This is how it shares the available parking spots through the aforementioned Parkfinder app. Owners can even play with preset modes – close to home, close to work, personalized – and there’s also a “Find my car” function. There’s even “Last Mile Routing” which can show on the map the distance on foot to the final destination. We’ve seen this kind of tech in other automakers – for example Mercedes – and Google through its Waze app also recently started offering a similar functionality.