[Video] Sebastian Vettel has a go at the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta image

The latest and greatest Ferrari, of course already accounted for each and every example, is without a doubt the LaFerrari Aperta – and Sebastian Vettel is among the few lucky people that get to drive it, without even owning one.

This is because Ferrari has used the Formula One star as a promoter in the first official video of their new LaFerrari Aperta, the open-top version of the flagship hypercar. The model has a limited production run of only 70 examples, so exclusivity is through the rooftop. It comes to blend the typical Ferrari experience with the perks of having the air openly flow over your hair – which in turn has the perk of getting you the envious looks of everyone looking at you.

The roofless LaFerrari Aperta is no slouch either – has the same hybrid powertrain as in the coupe version, which packs one of the top naturally aspirated V12 engines of the planet. Add to the 789hp 6.3-litre unit a 161hp electric motor and the combination gets you 950hp. This is enough for the Aperta to reach more than 217mph (350km/h), while the 0-62mph (0-100km/h) sprint is negotiated in just three seconds. Ferrari engineers worked on the chassis and aerodynamics to keep it as stiff and full of downforce as the coupe, managing to stay very close to the model that benefits from the added rigidity of a fixed roof.