The well known car show Top Gear is gearing up for its 24th season after a 23rd installment that was widely considered a fiasco – but there’s still hope.

Even though we have a soft spot for the old trio – which are doing a bang job over at Amazon Prime with The Grand Tour – we never wanted to see the Top Gear fail. That’s because with the demise of the Fifth Gear and of the American Top Gear our gearhead TV hours would have gone too blank for too long. Now, after making a mess last season we can see BBC has cleared up the pot – and we now have a new trio of presenters for the next installment.

[Video] Second Top Gear 24 trailer gives us hope 3

So, no more Chris Evans (fortunately), no more Sabine Schmitz (unfortunately) and no more Eddie Jordan (we have no opinion here). Instead we have Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris, and Rory Reid taking the spots – with LeBlanc, signed by the BBC for at least two more seasons, taking Clarkson’s and Evan’s former mantle as leader. And the new extended trailer shows the passing of the “throne” – while also treating us to some usual great Top Gear moments – including a challenge from BBC’s insurance department.



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