[VIDEO] See 4 Ferrari FXX K on the Imola image

A quadruplet of Ferrari FXX K hypercars have been spotted recently on the famous Imola track.

No less than four examples of the extremely rare and powerful track only toy, the Ferrari FXX K, have been caught on camera recently and they are being shown while driving fast on the Imola. The vehicles in the clip are apparently driven by Ferrari drivers and these are probably nothing more than simple last minute tests before the hypercars will be delivered to their rightful owners. You can scroll down and click the play button on the video posted below in order to check out the four examples of the FXX K on the Imola raceway.

For those of you who have no clue on what a Ferrari FXX K is, we will tell you that this is the company’s answer to the Aston Martin Vulcan and to the McLaren P1 GTR. The model in question is nothing more than a track-only vehicle and it has been officially presented to the public back in late 2014. The Ferrari FXX K has a more aggressive exterior design with some added tweaks, compared to the model on which it has been based, the LaFerrari, and these are helping it become more aerodynamic and also stand out. The 6.3 liter V12 engine is still found under its hood, but this has been upgraded, along with the electric motor. The total output stands at 1,050 HP (722 kW), 100 HP more than the standard one. Only 40 examples of the FXX K will be produced and each one costs 2.5 million euros. Despite this, all units have been sold out already.