[Video] See a brand new Jaguar F-Type burned to crisp in Germany image

We’re sure you’re naturally reluctant to see the potentially disastrous consequences of a car fire, especially when the vehicle gets burned to the ground – but, you’re right, we can’t help it – the fire is truly obsessive.

The latest example of an – expensive – car burnt to the ground comes from Germany, where the beautiful Jaguar F-Type met his (possibly mechanic) “maker” – in a fiery way. And yes, the sports car is really a “hot” model, as this is just another one in a long list of F-Types bursting into flames. We’re really wondering now, is there a blossoming “piro” sect somewhere in the UK near the Jaguar factory?

Jokes aside, the latest report of an F-Type fire comes from Germany, where earlier this month a 26 year old driver was frightened by a “violent explosion” coming from somewhere under the hood. Not long after that, the flames made their presence visible, when the driver decided to pull on the emergency lane and escape from the vehicle. Fortunately, both the driver and the passenger managed to get out in time and escaped from the soon to become fiery hell unharmed.

According to a local report, the driver was not the owner of the car – the F-Type was rented and only clocked 5,000 km (3,106 miles) on the odometer. No details are known about the source of the flames and although firefighters quickly arrived on scene the car was lost as it burned to the ground.

Via Blaulicht Reporter