[Video] See all Lamborghini Huracans in one place image

The Raging Bull can call its Huracan line a proper range since it consists of four different models today – the latest arrival being the great looking Huracan Spyder in rear-wheel guise.

It’s a bit of a stretch for any automaker to call a two or three model line a range – even if we’re dealing with an exotic manufacturer. But Lamborghini is not tedious and has decided to showcase the Huracan as a proper way of spending your dollars – with different options to satisfy all needs. Well… at least the sporty ones. In swift form, the Huracan model range consists of the V10 610 hp all wheel drive Huracan in coupe and Spyder guise or the 580 hp rear-wheel drive Huracan again in coupe or convertible form.

Sant’Agata Bolognese has decided the full Huracan line-up needs a good commercial – one that showcases all forms of the Huracan, no matter the traction system, in drift form. By the way, the range of the Huracan is also set to grow in the next months because fans are eagerly awaiting for the Superleggera. And we’re going to be treated in the distant future with even more hardcore models – maybe a Huracan Super Trofeo Stradale. So, good times are ahead for the marketing guys and gals at Lamborghini.