[Video] See an impressive “Gymkhana” style Gallardo image

We all know that “gymkhana”-style videos have been popularized by the US driver Ken Block. But how about a regular guy, in a stock grey Lamborghini Gallardo – with the all-wheel drive system unchanged?

If you watch for the first time this rather regular looking “Lambokhana”, you could soon dismiss it as it seems to pale to the richly edited and highly stylized purpose made works of automotive prowess coming from Ken Block.

But you should remember that here we have a stock Lambo Gallardo, with its stock V10 of beastly 500 hp and an unmodified all-wheel drive system. On the other side, Block is a rally driver, driving a heavily modified purpose-drift built mean machine.

That means our “Average Joe” here is skillfully balancing the all-wheel drive’s tendency to not lose grip – which means he needs to keep the 500 hp beast constantly on the edge of mayhem and chaos.

Also, it’s highly entertaining to see a $150,000 supercar trashed around in clouds of smoke and screaming tire – the Gallardo may have been replaced by the newer Huracan – but the model remains Lamborghini’s sales leader and most produced car to date.

Via Business Insider