[VIDEO] See an unhappy BMW M6 owner demolish his ride in Geneva image

An unhappy BMW M6 Coupe owner has recently smashed his ride in Geneva, with a huge hammer, in a different kind of protest.

We have all had our good times and bad times with our own rides but if these bad times get to you, you will eventually end up looking for a huge hammer and a small crowd, in order to completely smash it. This is exactly what happened to the Italian owner of this BMW M6 Coupe, after being very unhappy with the company’s services in Italy.

The businessman, who is of Iranian origin, had a number of serious technical problems with his ride, like the engine noises, the vibrations in the cabin, the grinding when shifting gears and so on, but BMW was unable to solve them. Mr. Hadi eventually ended up sending letters to the headquarters of the automobile giant in Munich and, as probably expected, no one has helped him, and this is exactly where the video posted below comes into the picture. Be aware that if you enjoy the BMW M6 Coupe, you should probably avoid this clip.