Most drivers who own an vehicle and face cold climate weather have an opinion regarding the eternal debate whether modern cars need to get their engines warmed up or they can simply drive away immediately.

Some say the engine will heat up faster under load while others say you need to get things at the right temperature first – and there’s an ocean of in-between opinions. The well known Engineering Explained channel on YouTube is looking to shine some scientific light into the matter, revealing with the help of a thermal camera how a cold engine will heat up in real time. The host even brings other interesting info – such as engine’s rpm, throttle position, coolant temperature, and intake air temperature. And you don’t even need to be a mechanic to understand everything, because they explain everything up.

We all know the oil is vital for an engine – but few people actually know it also plays a huge role in the warming (and during summer, cooling) process as well. For example, according to the Society of Automotive Engineers, 0W oil can still pump at -40 degrees Celsius (-40 Fahrenheit). In our opinion, a temperate approach to the scenario is the best solution – let the engine run idle a minute or two while you scrape the ice and snow off the windows and after driving away allow the fluids to reach their optimal temperatures before pushing the vehicle harder than normal.



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